Making your office Vastu friendly is good for everyone.  While making it keep in mind the principles of design, layout, space arrangement and Space. Vastu is a science based on 5 elements of nature. It works by balancing five elements of nature– Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Space.


    1. If you are hunting for a land or plot for your office, manufacturing plant or any other commercial purpose, then go for Shermukhi (Lion-face) plots. These plots are broader from front and narrow at the end. Also try to purchase land close to roads that are highly operational and easily connected to highways.
    2. Office building should face north, north-east or north-west direction as it brings good luck and positive energy.
    3. As per vastu, the main door or entrance of the office building should face east or north direction. Do not place anything that creates hurdel close to or in front of main entrance.
    4. Welcome room of business houses should be located in the east direction or the north-east corner of the business houses or offices.
    5. Keep the middle/ central part of office building empty.
    6. The managing director or the owner of the office should be in south-west direction and he or she should sit facing north. The flooring in the owner room should be slightly higher than the rest of the office. Do not place temple or idols behind the owner’s seat. There should be a concrete wall behind owner’s seat and not any glass structure. His or her desk should be rectangular and it would be auspicious if the door to the room were in the north-east quadrant.
    7. The second person in command, like a CEO/GM or manager, should occupy the south and west quadrants. He or she should sit facing north while occupying a southern room and should face east in a western room.
    8. Other staff should work facing the north or east directions.
    9. To ensure a strong financial support system, free the north-west (NW) zone of the business house from anti-elements and activities. Do not build toilet in this zone as it will hamper the financial support. since white horses symbolise financial support, they can be placed in NW zone.
    10. Finance manager should be in the north and east zone and employees dealing with bank and cash transaction should sit facing east and north direction. All the Showcases, racks and cupboards of financial records should be kept in central north or southwest of the cabinet.
    11. Businesses work on payments and new orders. Do not build pantry or paint the north zone in red or pink. Similarly, free the south-east zone from blue colour and use green plants.
    12. Meeting/Conference room should be placed in the north-west direction.
    13. Desks or workstations should be rectangular or square but big no for L-shaped. Any irregular shape creates confusion and should be avoided
    14. All the electrical equipment should be fitted or installed in the south-east direction of the office building.
    15. If your business is related to manufacturing, it should start from south and then move towards north and west before reaching east.

A incorrect location can result in staff feeling fatigued, Unfavourable directions are south and south-west.  The office should be properly lit with natural lighting (fluorescent lighting can harm the natural balance of the human body if exposed to long hours) where possible and should have adequate ventilation.

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