Watching Airplanes in the sky is an amazing thing since childhood, every child watches it with great curiosity. But some answers are unsolved with many of us. So lets know some of these.

Why planes leave trails white trail of puffy smoke

When ever we notice an air-plane flying in the sky, we see that white trail of puffy smoke. Ever wondered how this puffy smoke is formed?. Lets explain this in a simple language. An Air-plane engine release water vapour as part of the combustion process. When that hot water vapour is thrown out of the exhaust in upper atmosphere which is cool, it creates those puffy smoked white lines in the sky.

Those puffy smoked white lines in the sky, that planes leave are simply trails of condensation, hence their technical name of “contrails.”

Oxygen masks in Airplane

When ever we travel by flight, the safety instruction before take off always have information regarding Oxygen mask. How one should use in emergency. However, fight attendants will never tell you that, that oxygen mask can give you only 15-minutes of oxygen. This sounds scary, right?, but in reality these mask drop when cabin loses pressure, which means flight is losing its altitude or coming down. In this case pilot will bring the plane below 10,000 feet, in this situation passengers can simply breathe normally. The air-plane usually take less than 15 minutes to slide down from higher altitude to altitude below 10,000 feet. It means those oxygen masks have more than enough air to protect passengers.

Why Airplane food taste so Different 


Food in air-plane is an always hot topic with everyone, most of never like the food served or it tastes different. Reason?. In studies its found that atmosphere inside plane is actually responsible for the food taste. Sweet items served tasted less sweet, while salty flavors were heightened. The inside cabin is dry and recycled which makes dull taste and smell making everything in a plane seem bland. So next time don’t blame the food, its better to have juices rather than something solids.

Dims lights when a plane is landing


When ever the flight lands, cabin crews will dim the dim the lights, any guess why? Its for the passengers safety actually. In the event of plane landing if something goes wrong and there is an need to evacuate, in this situation the eyes of passengers should adjust to the darkness outside. Also the window shades are raise during landing, so that passengers can see outside in an emergency.

There is no safest seat on the plane

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Actually there is no safe seat in air-plane, though the middle seats and the in the back have lowest risk as compared to others but that it’s impossible to know where to sit to survive a crash. Oh, and plane crashes are incredibly rare.

Airplanes and lightning 


The engineering of air plane is such a classy designed that in event of lighting hit, air plane are always safe. It can be proved by that till now no air plane has come down due to lighting, since 1963.

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