Mouthwash are very often used nowadays and people spent hell amount of money on this. We are are very sensitive with our personality and image in the society but bad breath of mouth can ruin your whole thing. So Mouthwash come in picture, in fact nowadays people carry mouthwash in their bag and uses it office or before the meeting i#n daily life.

Bad breath from mouth is setback for people, it even carries bacteria which is harmful for others. No one wants to stand near the person with bad breath. Its very frustrating when one pushes away himself if opposite person is have bad breath. Resulting in low confidence.

Causes of Bad Breath

One of the main cause of bad breath is indigestion and in the morning stomach is not clear. In this case the food get stuck in to our intestines and becomes rotten. Which results in bad breath. It can also happen due to Smoking, sinus etc.

So lets spend less and make an homemade mouthwash which will be free from chemicals and healthy for teeth too.

Mint – Clove Mouthwash


Cinnamon and cloves are very effective spices to prevent bad breath. Cinnamon contains cinnamic aldehyde, which minimise the amount of bacteria in your saliva of mouth, and cloves have powerful antiseptic properties to get rid of bad breath.

To make this mouthwash things you need

  • 1 cup mineral water
  • 1 tsp whole cloves
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 3/4 drops peppermint essential oil


  1. Bring the mineral water to a boil and add cloves, cinnamon and peppermint essential oil and remove from heat. Let the spices infuse for about 20 minutes.
  2. Strain the whole mixture nicely with a fine mesh strainer.
  3. Pour into a bottle with lid and keep refrigerated.

Turn This Mouthwash in to Spray

One can make a spray version for it also. Pour the above mouthwash into a small spray bottle, easily available in the market or you can use the empty spay bottle in home. One can add a squeeze of honey. If you you are not comfortable with cinnamon.

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