Wool wash, don’t ever get yourself fooled by the advertisements you watch on TV which lure you to buy a special washing detergent for woollen clothes. Those fancy coloured plastic bottles will not do anything special. They will just a make hole in to your pocket.

There is no need of spending any money on such products, when you can get much better results at home, Yes, use an cheap solution, that is vinegar


If one doesn’t take care, your favourite wool sweater/clothing may shrink

How to Wash Wool Clothing

Always wash your woollen clothing by hand

a) Carefully wash the woollens with cold/tap water and a regular laundry detergent or shampoo, then rinse the detergent off with the cold/tap water. Simply press the woollens gently to remove excess laundry detergent or shampoo and water. Mix one cup of vinegar in to clean water and wash your woollen in that, refrain from twisting or wringing it out as that may spoil the shape of the woollens by stretching it out.

b) To dry it, do not harsh dry it or put in clothes dryer, take the wet woollens carefully and lay it on a dry towel. Put your woollens into its proper shape gently as it’s laying on the towel and then roll the towel up with the woollens in it. Press the towel down to remove the excess water, then repeat this once more with a dry towel.

Note: Your woollens will smell like vinegar until they dry, but it will disappear.

 Benefits of Using Vinegar as a Wool Wash

  • Significantly cheaper than store-bought fancy coloured plastic bottles for wool washes.
  • No harsh chemicals.
  • Vinegar works doubles, one as a fabric softener and stain remover.

Woollens should never be dried in a clothes dryer! It will shrink and felt, if exposed to heat.

Always wash your woollens before you store them for the season.