Terms of use

Terms of use for wayways are very simple.

Welcome to the wayways.com. Wayways is driven by Truehikemedia, it’s a free website and open to all. Anyone can visit the site and gain knowledge about the blogs/recipes written in it. As of now we don’t take any membership charges to read. we do allow subscribers to subscribe us and we make them our contributor. Anyone can become so, by registering on our site.

We will give them an access to the back end so that they can write their blogs/recipes and submit us for approval. Once approved, we will publish their blog in their name and with their profile image. No money will be charged from them.

We have started this website, to serve the people with best ideas, which one can do it, without much money spend. Nowadays people spend huge money to gain knowledge but wayways has a mission. It will provide the valuable content in free to all. We will find other ways to generate funds to run this.

Wayways will take care that no article or content will be published will violate any law. Waways request that if found any, please email us, we will remove or discard that content immediately, once we receive a valid mail.

Wayways request all the visitors who come to respect other. Kindly do not post or comment which can harm or insult someone. we are here to share content and distribute knowledge and not to harm or insult someone.

We have simplified the terms of use so that more and more people should come and gain knowledge. We again request that any material/content found copyright should be reported us via valid email, we will remove that content.

Wayways has a mission, to reach with their content to people without any price. As said earlier we don’t charge any registration fees fro our content.