Being brave is not easy, especially nowadays. One cannot achieve success unless the braveness is there. It is very necessary for personal growth too. The first step towards being brave is taking a bold/hard decision, it is always hard to practice this, but once you go for it then it becomes your easy style. The magic of braveness is seen when you get rewarding benefits in life. The following points are necessary to have that instinct.


Compete with yourself

This is very important to have confidence in yourself. Try something new in life, try to do things alone, avoid taking help from others in some task, which you would be doing along with someone. This will give you a chance to explore your powers within you. To test yourself you can go to the beach for evening walk alone or just go for a movie, alone. Try to spend some in swimming, this is the great way to make you strong.

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Avoid your cell phone for some time

Believe me, this is an ultimate way to regain your power when you are in alone at Airport, in a tube or at the railway station. Next time, when you are waiting for an airport, just observe people, you will find 98% of people are on the phone and rest 2% are sleeping.

When you will see this, you will feel that how crazy people are, everyone is working like a machine and not humans, as if they are programmed by some code. You will start feeling that how wrong they are, tour thinking power will start working in a different and positive way, you will feel that you are different and superior.

You will start thinking what other are not. Being busy with those on social media or on mail will not make you brave unless and until you know who is around you. That scene will make feel brave.

Listen To Yourself

Always listen to yourself, at last, always listen to others first and their opinions, don’t go blindly after others. At last, always ask yourself and listen to your inner voice. Never unheard yourself. If you find something wrong, take a stand, but politely and firmly.

Once you decide something then stick to your goal, don’t change, the success will start to follow you and even one step towards positive result will give you the power to rise to the new level. Then the world will say that you are brave.

Remember You Achievements

It’s very important to remember your achievements, this will give you a push and boost your Self-confidence. Always image that you are the best and unbeatable. Perform every task of your life with full heart and sincerely, I bet you will out score every time.


Don’t worry about the mistakes done or which happen in your life, mistakes are bound to happen, in fact, it’s our birthright to do a mistake, but don’t repeat those mistake. Never hesitate or worry about mistakes and failures, they will come and go, you should get up strongly and rectify that mistake.

Never hesitate to do things, again and again, One day you will be successful and then the world will follow you.

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