Sending Roses to your loved one is the amazing idea on Valentines day but make sure that the color of the roses matches your true feelings. Sending Red Roses  has become the custom way to say “I Love you” on Valentine’s day but this time lets think beyond this red. Lets celebrate this Valentine in different way, in fact with all to whom you love and care.

One should be careful in sending roses on Valentine’s Day, different colors of roses have different meaning so don’t confuse others.

Red:”I love you”

On Rose day most of us like to send Red roses, sending red roses means “I love you”. Red symbolises love, beauty and and desire to want opposite person in their life for ever. If an opposite person accepts the flowers send by you then its an clear indication that even opposite person thinks the same. Its not necessary that that Red Roses are given to Girlfriend or boyfriend. Make a tradition to send Red Roses to Mother / Father also they will be happy..

White: “I am the one for you”

White Roses symbolises purity and innocence While many send red roses on Valentine’s Day, surprise your Valentine this year with white roses and start a new era of relationship. Nowadays white roses are even be given on weddings.

Pink: “Thank you”

Pink roses are best to say thank you. Perfect for a friend that you want to honor on Valentine’s Day, pink roses show appreciation, grace, perfect happiness, admiration, gratefulness, and gentleness.

Yellow: “We’re friends and I care about you”

Yellow roses are for friends and they are most liked. If you like your friend/buddy, always honour them by giving yellow roses. Best way to honour your friendship, yellow stands for joy, gladness, friendship, delight, new beginnings, welcome back, and remembrance.

Yellow with Red Tip: “I’m falling in love with you”

This color of the roses indicated the receiver that you want more than friendship—they symbolise falling in love.

Orange/Coral: “I want you in my life”

Orange color is blend of yellow and red color, Orange lets the receiver know that you are passionate about them. The color means desire, enthusiasm, and fascination.

Red and White Together: “We are a great match”

One can Send a mixed bouquet of red and white roses to your Valentine. Red and white roses mix signify unity.

Peach: “Let’s make this a memorable Valentine’s Day”

If you have decided in your mind, “Let’s get together,” then peach roses are the best ones to choose. Peach rose color symbolises intimacy..

So, this Valentine’s Day, make sure you are sending your special someone the right signals with the right Valentine’s Day flowers from ProFlowers.