Milk, as we all know that it’s very beneficial for us, right from our childhood, we were compelled to drink milk. It has long been seen as a healthy drink because it is high in a range of nutrients, it boosts bone strength, its good for smoother skin, its helps in achieving stronger immune system. Milk also prevents diseases like hypertension, dehydration and even some form of cancer.

When we talk about numerous health benefits of milk and dairy products, the most inexpensive cost per serving and a number of nutrients packed in each serving, milk is the clear winner.


Most of us love to have milk in many forms but we don’t know what food we should avoid while having milk. Sometimes due to our ignorance, the same milk which is very beneficial can turn out to be bad for our health if consumed with forbidden foods.

So let’s know the foods to avoid wth milk

  • Never have curd/yogurt along with the milk. Curd with milk causes acidity, gas, and vomiting. There should be at least 2 hours of gap between them.
  • Never have Kheer (Rice dessert) and Raita (yogurt side dish).
  • Never have urad dal (Split Black gram) with milk, its causes acidity, and gas.
  • Having fruits before/after or with milk is also not good for health. Pineapple and oranges consumed with milk can cause ingestion and cause vomit.
  • Having a banana with Milk is also not good for health, both these things can lead to a cough. Usually, people have a banana with Milk in the morning breakfast, which is to be avoided.
  • One should also avoid bread and butter with Milk, actually milk its self is a complete food and having bread butter will cause heaviness in stomach, which will reduce your stamina to work. Also one should not have protein, carbohydrates and fat all at the same time.
  • Fish and Milk should be eaten together, one can have skin diseases/allergy and gastric problems.
  • Never have fried/spicy foods with Milk, it can lead to skin diseases.