Sex life is most important in humans. Life without sex is very disturbing. Humans have become like an machine in world today.  Everyone is struggling to find some time for oneself and due this lot of diseases starts to catch up and low sex is one them. Sex life can be boosted in many ways, so lets see some homemade foods which can be consumed daily and will definitely help is boosting Sex.

Scroll down and learn what they are, and start taking these.

Basil – Musli – Rock Sugar


Take 20 gms of Basil plant seeds and mix 40 gms of White Musli (Safed Musli is widely known as a sex tonic and Ayurvedic  compound by many. They are very useful for men especially and can be consumed by women also. They are also called Herbal Viagra widely) (Chlorophytum borivilianum) in it, crush them to make fine powder and mix 80 gms of rock sugar. Take this powder along with cow milk in small quantity (5gms). This powder will help boosting your sex life.



Make a juice of 60 gms of Garlic and honey. Put this mixture in glass bottle and preserve in wheat bag for a month. After a month take this dose of 5 gms daily. This very effective in boosting sex life.



Daily morning consume Nutmeg powder with normal water. This also very good for sex life.



Mix cinnamon in milk and take drink this twice a day. This will not only increase your sperm count but will also boost sex life.



In winters roast 2/3 roast in clarified butter and have it. After this have milk nixed with green cardamon and sugar.


Strawberries are very good for sex life, it not only boost sex life in males but also in females.



Avocados are rich in vitamin E, antioxidant, potassium, vitamin B6 etc. It boost blood circulation in human body.  Its very good for heart also and helps in boosting sex life too.



Almonds are very rich in zinc, vitamin E and minerals, which are necessary for boosting sex life. Zinc and minerals helps in boosting sex hormones in males. It also helps in boosting blood circulation in body which very essential for boosting sex life.