A divorce happens after a husband and wife decide not to live together anymore and that they no longer want to be married to each other. Divorce, which is also known as dissolution of marriage, is the termination of a marriage. It might sound simple, but it’s not easy for a both husband and wife to decide to end a marriage. Often they spend a long time trying to solve problems before deciding to divorce. But sometimes they just can’t fix the problems and decide that a divorce is the best solution.

So be careful and always try to sort it early before its too late, Following are the signs where one can see marriage is heading for Divorce.

You don’t interact. You’ve “Uncoupled”.
Couples whose marriages are over or nearly getting over, or nearly over, have usually uncoupled, or disconnected from each other, . “If you’re no longer spending or interacting any time together, if one or both of you is spending all your time at work, with friends, online—and if feels like a relief not to be with each other—it’s a sign that you’ve already disengaged from the marriage.”

You don’t fight
On general perception, a calm marriage that has no screaming moments would appear to be happy. However, matrimonial experts say a lack of conflict does not equal a happy marriage. It just means that you have lost interest in fighting for the things that matter or are afraid of disagreements. Pushing issues under the carpet does not make it disappear; it only leads to displeasure and bigger issues in life.

You rarely have sex
If one is very busy and have no time, or ill or just too caught up with kids. It’s okay to go without sex for long . However, there is a cause to worry if you just don’t feel the urge to get intimate at all or are too uncomfortable bridging the emotional disconnect with physical contact.

You don’t want to spend time together
How would you define a good a good day in your life: a day spent with your partner or a day out shopping with your girlfriends? And does he prefer slipping out with his friends after work rather than come home to you? A couple that stops doing things together and making an effort to spend with each other has clearly drifted apart.

You’re cheating
A single instance of disbelief can make a dent in a marriage but it need not strike the death knell if there is forgiveness and a willingness to move on. However, if either of you have been cheating serially, it signals a deep dissatisfaction with the marriage and each other.