PM Modi, full name Narendra Damodardas Modi, 17 September 1950 (age 66 years), Vadnagar,  has set up an example to learn a lot for leadership example. This man is the unstoppable hero of India. In a short period, he has turned the tables and marked his presence on the world map as the iron man of new India. Today he is most successful Prime Minister of India.

PM Modi is a live example of the journey of hardships, which he had lived with simplicity and one need not agree with his style of commanding people. As a teenager, he traveled the whole India to find the real spiritual answers like Mahatma Gandhi.

His story started from last 56 years when he joined the organization, which he continued throughout his till now called RSS (Rashtriya Swam Sevak). 56 Years of patience and perseverance is also an outstanding example of this great person. So much dedication to devote all his life to one single organization and waited patiently to rise and become Prime Minister of India.

After seven years of joining in RSS, he was fully devoted to that organization. He involved himself in many agitations and political activities, though his education was also going side by side. He was studying political science through the corresponding course. He was on the verge of becoming a master of politics, but he himself was unaware of his personality, to which he was getting transformed.

After giving his hard and honest service to the organization RSS, in 1985 he was finally promoted to the political wing of BJP. Till then he had served RSS for 15 years. In this era, he got a chance to work closely the leaders like Lal Krishna Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi. From this time his journey of making victories of other leaders was remarkable. He was a remarkable follower. Modi was still unknown to the outside world, he was working behind the scene, only his leaders were knowing about his valuable services.

PM Modi_wayways

In 2001, Modi was lucky to be appointed as chief minister of Gujarat, due to poor political image and falling health of keshubhai Patel. This situation of joy didn’t last for a long time. In 2002 the massive tragedy of rioting happened in Gujarat for which he had little leadership experience to handle. He was a master in organizing political rallies but this type of controlling his own people was new to him. This situation was enough to mark an end to any political leaders carrier but Mr. Modi, as CM, survived and the court found no evidence to prosecute Modi. By this time he had learned a lesson and mastered to handle this situation too. He quickly eliminated those extremist elements from his party and government.

He quickly turned the situation and started working on the development of Gujarat, which later became the role model. He was aware that the world is watching him very closely.


In 2014, Modi led the BJP to the general election of Lok sabha, under his leadership, he got a massive victory after defeating Congress. This victory of getting more the desired seats in Loksabha, BJP under his leadership was a largest single party with the majority of seats, since 1984. Modi wave had finished the opposition, congress, which reduced to mere 44 seats, barring them even from getting an opposition leader. Modi himself was elected to parliament from Varanasi. Hindutva remained a significant part of its campaign.


Thus Mr. Modi became the PM of India.