Kissing in love is very important gesture. When you love your sweetheart and want to express your love then kissing is the only better way to do it. Kissing, not only excite you  but it also express the bondness of love with your wife/sweetheart.The amazing feeling of kissing is last longing, after lip-lock, its effect is felt for long time. It has a very deep understanding in terms of feelings and emotions.

Kissing is also very good for health. Its not only the expression of love but its a everlasting commitment to take forward our relationship.

Very few ones are aware that kissing has very good effects of our health, it not only helps us in digestion but it helps in regulating the blood supply in our body.

Glow On The Skin

Kissing has direct effect on our face, the skin of our face glows. While kissing all the muscles and the skin of the face gets good excercise, which we don’t do it normally. Thus its helps in tightening of face and one can feel the glow over the time.

Boosts Mutual Understandings 

When ever there is an fight between the couples it always ends with a warm kiss. ever wondered why?. Kiss is the natural gesture to end fight and make believe that relations are stronger than before.

Calorie Consumption

Kissing burns the calories of the body, its not only an old saying but also scientifically proved. A kiss can burn 2 to 3 calories of the body and if your kiss is strong then it can burn about 8/10 calories, So go ahead and kiss your sweetheart and burn calories to reduce weight. Add this in your work out daily plan.


Kissing helps in producing hormones like serotin, dopamine and oxytocin in our brain. These are very effective in reducing stress, which in turn give you the feeling of happiness and relief.

Reduces High Blood Pressure

Kissing helps in lowering the high blood pressure.

Fights Cavities 

While kissing the saliva in the mouth gets exchanged which stops the birth of germs which s responsible for the cavities

Boost Self Confidence

According to one German research, kissing wife boost concentration of work. If you leave your house happily while going to work, you tends to be confident and will perform your work with greater concentration. One will never be emotionally low through out the day.

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