Surprisingly some times it happened to eat something and five minutes later you’re again hungry as you are not eating absolutely nothing? Food play important role in satisfying our hunger, it also provides us the energy to work. Believe it or not there are such food that will make you even more hungry that you was before.

It looks pretty easily understood when you are hungry you should only eat something and hunger will disappear, this is what is made to understand to every one of us since childhood, but everything is not as it seems. Certain foods, even healthy ones just do not leave feeling of fullness when you eat them, because they affect the hormones that send signals to the brain that is still hungry. Food that urge a  feeling of hunger is mainly due to rich in carbohydrates and sweets because it lowers the blood sugar levels of body to say he needs more food for it to be lifted. These foods should be consumed only in combination with those that are rich in fiber and satiating.

Salty snacks: 


Potato chips, pretzels, and mixes of salty snacks are well-known enemies to the diet. To begin with, they’re delicious — but on top of that, they’re empty calories, meaning that you can continue popping them into your mouth for hours before feeling any satisfaction.

Dried fruit.

Mix of dried fruits
Mix of dried fruits

Fruit is really good and healthy for your body, or dried fruit causes a drop in blood sugar which triggers hunger. For this reason, try to eat dried fruits in combination with healthy proteins and fats.



Juice diets are a admired by many people to get the flavors of all your preferred healthy foods, but they can also be deficient in certain vital nutrients. This rule is also applicable for even to those completely healthy green juices that you prepare yourself. These juices are a great supplement, but they can serve to increase the level of hunger hormone because they simply do not contain fiber, which means that the organism immediately absorbs the nutrients in them. If you prepare yourself juices sure to add plenty of greens, ginger and carrots to balance the sweetness and to make you tired.

White rice.

A bowl of plain basmati rice

White rice is a free starch which rapidly dissolves in the body and leads to lack of energy and fall in blood sugar which again leads to hunger. These foods always should be taken with good balance the protein to be fed longer.



This is definitely comes as no surprise because alcohol is well known for it opens the appetite and you certainly will not get enough. Nutritionists recommend that you drink moderately and never on an empty stomach. Ideally would be that before you start to drink alcohol, eat a meal rich in protein.