Your Phone Is the Reason for These Bad Habits. These are a few of the bad habits I’ve noticed that many of you have:

1. You’re a constant eccentric.


Nowadays people are habitual of using their phone as tool making excuses and that too fake – If one is running late, he/she may send an text to inform and if one has to cancel or postponed, one will shoot an email at last moment, though you may hate this but you treat other because others also treat you the same way.

Now just imagine if you don`t have access to your cell phone, Then what?  you’re instead forced commit to plans and be on time. Your friends/Relatives that know you don’t have a cell phone become aware of this, so even they also show up on time. This new mutual respect for each others’ time and plans emerges, and those that are incapable of that respect seem unorganised and unreliable. You start to notice which type of person is better to have around.

2. You don’t respect people.


When you’re habitual and to a constant connection, you’re easily taken out of the present and transplanted to future concerns. Out with friends? You get messages that make you think about something else entirely  —  a completely irrelevant thing from what you’re currently doing. And the people you’re with do notice ,  but they probably don’t say anything.

Its a very disappointing for a people when you do text in a mid-conversation or even dig a quick glance at your phone. When you commit to a conversation, focus all your energy on the conversation. You will find that conversations are more enjoyable and effective when you immerse yourself in them.

3. You’re a Careless driver.


Your phone can be a distraction. Whether driving or walking outdoors, pack away your phone. You are less likely to pay attention to your surroundings when using it. And your reaction time won’t be as quick. You may want to skip it while exercising, too. Although music may energize you while working out, talking and texting have been shown to reduce exercise intensity and duration..

4.Checking Your Phone at Night


When you lie down in your bedroom with light off and all of a sudden you get a text or other notification. Most people then will look at their phone and spend a few minutes on their phone letting their eyes focus on the bright screen while it is pitch black around them. What’s even worse is when people check their email, Facebook, or Instagram feed in bed and focus their eyes on the blaring screen for too long. This can lead to night blindness and sight issues. It can also cause issues with headaches and sleeping. How to avoid this bad habit? It’s simple. Turn the brightness of your phone screen down, only view your phone when there is a light on, and limit phone exposure 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

Use your cell phone to help you, not cause you health problems! Correct these bad cell phone habits in your life, and you will surely avoid the related health consequences.

5. You use your phone as a social crutch.


You are standing in bus line or in crowded elevator and you are constantly checking your home screen, without having anything new to check. You come up with a reason to text someone while you’re at a party because don’t feel enough of a buzz just yet. You can’t sit and sip a coffee from a park bench without checking Instagram.

Sure, a lot of people are uncomfortable in social situations, and maybe looking at your phone to pass the time or avoid a moment of awkwardness is easier for you. But it still isn’t a good habit to get into, no matter who you are.

And if you think you’re being nice by accepting an invitation to just sit on your phone somewhere, you’re wrong. Stay home until you can figure out how to enjoy yourself.


Living a slightly less connected life does take some getting used to. You might need to learn what it’s like being on time for things, you’ll probably need to get used to living in the present, and you’ll have to cope with the fact that you won’t be able to Google every question that pops into your mind at any given moment.

But once you do, you’ll notice that these were once your bad habits and that you’re much better off without them.