Ever wondered if that cute guy is flirting with you or just being too friendly? It sometimes does get difficult to read someone’s body language but it’s quite possible to interpret what they mean if you play really close attention. Here are nine ways you can know if a Men Flirt That Women Don’t Notice, maybe these will help you know.

1. Lovely Smile


No doubt, when it comes to flirting, Smiling is a good sign , it is one of the surest signs that the guy likes you or is interested in you. Any guy who likes you or interested in you will have a constant smile pressed to his face when he‘s interacting with you. While he may be a bit shy or hesitant to approach you to talk and just smiles when he sees you, you can try taking an effort to begin (doing something) and go talk to him if you want to. Or you can also play hard to get, but doing that may have chances to shoo him away thinking you‘re not interested.

2. Shy Blush


If you dicover a guy blush around you, it is also an definite sign he likes you or interested in you. A shy guy is more prone to do that when you’re around him or talking to him. But when a guy genuinely likes you, he’s likely to blush even when he’s not shy. You can just tell by how flushed he looks when he’s around you because he finds you beautiful. Blushing is a natural bodily function and you can hardly fake it. And since it is also unavoidable, it’s a good and also a guaranteed sign to look out for when talking to that cute guy.

3. Eye Contact

This sign is worth paying attention to but also likely to be a bit tricky when it comes to contemplating. When you talk to someone, you obviously maintain an eye contact. But when this particular guy will talk to you, his eye contact will last a little bit longer, tracing everything you do and paying really close attention. Depending on how long the guy holds eye contact with you, you can easily determine if he likes you. And when it comes to a shy guy, he’ll steal glances maintaining a short span of eye contact but it won’t go away.

4. Mirroring


When someone likes you, they tend to imitate your actions even without realizing they’re doing it. They will mirror your actions and also your behavior. It’s a natural thing that happens without control at times. He might blink as hard as you do, or position himself the way you do, often reflecting your actions. A lot of dating websites advise people to mirror their crush’s actions to grab their attention. Maybe he’s doing the same thing too.

5. Hands On Hips

If a guy stands with his hands on his hips or waist, or even places his thumbs in the belt loops, there’s a chance he might be interested in you. This is just his way of showing you that he’s a confident man and a true macho. Personally not all girls like when guys do that but it is still one of those signs that he might give you to let you know how great he is.

6. Flirting Touch


Guys try to maintain a level of physical contact with a girl when they like them. And if he pretends to touch you accidentally many times, it is also one sign to look out for. It means that he’s trying to hint you that he likes you and also trying to get your attention. Most girls ignore this sign but you shouldn’t. And you if like him, flirt back!

7. Head Tilts


When a man tilts his head towards you, it can be a good sign to ensure he likes you. A tilted head means he’s listening attentively to you and also paying close attention. This also means that he is hooked on to the conversation and is interested in what you’re talking about. And who doesn’t like a man who listens? This is exactly what he’s trying to do, get you to like him because he likes you.

8. Dilated Pupils

It is one common sign that pupils dilate when you see something or someone you like. When you’re attracted to something, your pupils will dilate, this is just another natural occurrence. And when you don’t like something, the pupils tend to contract. If you can notice that the guy’s pupils are dilated every time he talks to you, it is definitely not by accident

9. Raised Eyebrows

Man and woman smiling at each other

Guys sometimes tend to keep their eyes wide and eyebrows a little bit raised when they like the girl they talk to. If you notice his eyes are widened and that his eyebrows are raised when he’s talking to you, it could be a definite sign too. Look out for it and you’ll understand.