Nowadays grocery bills are main expenditure in household and all are struggling to reduce their monthly bills but cant find a way out. Every month the price of products are different from the last month purchase. Grocery bill can be reduced if we plan out our monthly shopping well enough before going to buy. Being a journalist I am always struggling because Journalism really doesn’t pay well enough to keep that up, so last week I went on a grocery-cutting expedition and I think I have turned a new leaf.


Here are a few tips I picked up from my Google frenzy:

Write a list:


As a list-nut, I do this anyway… but who has ever stuck exactly to their list? probably most of us we don`t follow the list as soon as we enter store. we completely forget about our saving plan and get lured to things as if there is no tomorrow. There is always a little something just waiting to pounce into your trolley as soon as you hit the confectionery aisle, let’s be honest. But this time I stuck to it. Trust me, the difference was incredible. Guys please remember one thing, nobody notices what you are buying and nobody comes comes your house to see that whats on your Kitchen, so why to waste your hard earned money.

Pay with cash:


Now, flashing credit cards has become an status symbol, we all carry multiple cars in our valet. That should be avoided, thinks before you spend from card, remember plastic money is always dangerous, we never know how much  we are spending. Initially I thought this was totally unnecessary and a waste of time going to the ATM, but my goodness it makes you do your maths. There is nothing more embarrassing than not having enough money when you reach the checkout, so this one is a total mind game. And it works.

Be brand un-loyal:


The amount of trust consumers put in brands is decreasing all the time, and a typical consumer will now switch brands without hesitation if they get a better offer. Just because you know a certain brand has the best yogurt, doesn’t mean you have to buy it every time. Check what’s on special. You may just find your new favorite brand. I’ll let you know how this one goes for me when I try my latest plain-labelled goodies.

Check your stocks before you shop:


This one always gets me. My kitchen is currently overstocked with sweet potatoes. For some reason I always feel the need to get some when I shop, never considering I have about 20 at home still. This week – no sweet tatties in my trolley.

Avoid quickies:

Buy once, buy right. If you stuck to your list, (hopefully you did a bit of a meal plan before you wrote it) you should have enough food to get you through the week. No, you don’t need to go home from work the next day via the supermarket because you had a sudden craving for roast lamb (and who the heck can afford lamb these days anyway?). Stick to the plan.

I will admit, I still did a dash to the butcher and bought enough meat for a couple of weeks and I still did my fruit and veg from my favorite market which is a bit on the expensive side, but worth it.