“No” is the word which is not liked many, but, there is an old saying in India ” If you want to grow in life, you should learn to say no”. Saying “No” is a very bold step in a person life, it can harm you if not used sensibly. But it can also lift your personality and get success if used, intelligently. One should try to figure out the balance between positive and negative sides of it.

The negative effect of saying “No” can dent your relations within your family or in the workplace. You may regret your decision too, but before taking the decision, always see the positive sides also, compare the situation both ways and use this weapon in your favor.

Let’s figure out some of the reasons for saying “No”, which can have a positive impact on you and can uplift your personality.

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1. Value yourself

Saying yes every time makes a perception in others that you are easily taken for a ride. Always think twice before you say yes. talk yourself and remind that even you and your time is valuable and don’t hesitate to surrender yourself easily by saying yes. Saying “No” requires a strong sense of self-being and prevent you from taking an emotional decision.

2. Explore Yourself

Never give any reactions immediately, always take some time to think and explore yourself and try to find out what exactly do you need. You will get your answer, actually most of the time we surrender to the unwanted situations, very easily, though we are not even interested in that. So always explore yourself and your needs, you may save yourself fro unwanted commitment.

3. Taking Your Stand

Saying would be not be liked by opposite person, they will definitely urge you and

Some people won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. They’ll urge you, cajole you, and come up with all kinds of creative solutions to make you say ‘yes’. When encountering won’t-take-no types, stand your ground and repeat your initial response. If you find yourself wavering, recall the reasons you chose to say ‘no’ in the first place and consider how good you’ll feel if you remain true to yourself. You’ll find this fortitude carries over into other areas of your life.

4. Saying No Can Be Yes on Other Side

On every occasion, if you are saying ‘no’ to a particular thing, that means you’re committing yes to something else. Don’t hesitate to say “No”, if it is necessary, make up your mind strong.Try to put your point in front of others, humbly and then say “No”