Store eggs or how to store eggs, this is a less important question in our daily life and most of us are not bothered about this. Most of us have a habit of storing it in a refrigerator, the even refrigerator has a separate section to keep it. But according to the latest scientific research says that storing eggs in the refrigerator is not good.


Storing eggs in the refrigerator are fresh for long and taste good, we all agree on this but there are points which should be considered as per the situation for best results?

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Lets us find out why and how to store eggs in the refrigerator.

  1. If you want to use eggs for baking, then one should avoid storing eggs in the refrigerator. It is a bit difficult to whisk the eggs for baking. It is difficult to get that taste and color of eggs, which we want.
  2. If you gets the eggs from the market and keep for a boil, then the eggs won’t break or the chances are less but if you want have boiled eggs right from the refrigerator, then the chances are more that your eggs will break while boiling. If you remember, your boiled eggs might have never broken while boiling, which you have got from the market and set to boil but have you noticed the eggs which you have set to boil from the refrigerator
  3. By storing eggs in the refrigerator and while taking out for use, there is always a danger of bacteria due to condensation. Due to condensation, the bacteria on the outer eggs gets doubled and there are chances for going inside the eggs. Which is not good for health.
  4. If your eggs (Outer covering) are dirty and you have stored those in eggs in the refrigerator then it can effect other things kept in the refrigerator. So it is advisable to store eggs in the refrigerator after proper washing.
  5. Keeping eggs in the refrigerator for a long time can destroy the necessary nutrients in comparison to keeping outside at room temperature. So never store eggs for a long time in the refrigerator.

So friends do take care of your eggs and health in future and if you found this article interesting or of some help, do let us know. Be healthy.