As per Feng Shui, Money plant is considered lucky plant for the house. Money plant can grow rapidly without much assistance and care. It is largely believed that money plant brings good luck, prosperity, happiness and wealth.

Money plant can be grown as an indoor or outdoor plant. Keep a stem of money plant in a bottle of water and decorate indoor or outdoor. But, this does not mean that it will grow even without care. If you want to grow it really well, then you have to take some extra care for it.

Here are some tips for you to grow money plant faster.


Tips to grow money plant faster: Planting: It is better to first grow the new plant in water. Let the roots develop and then transplant it in pot containing soil. This will help the plant to grow better and faster.

Watering: Watering will definitely help the money plant to grow faster. But avoid over watering in any circumstances. Money plant does not need too much of water to grow. It is essential to let the soil dry between two watering sessions. Water the plant once every 2-3 weeks in winter and once every 7-10 days during summer.

Provide direct sunlight: Have you ever tried keeping a money plant near your window. You will enjoy watching it growing towards the sunlight. Yes, money plant is a sun loving plant. Alternate sunlight and shade is ideal for the fast growth of a money plant.

Keep an eye on your pot selection: If you want to keep it as an indoor plant, it is fine to go for a small pot. But always prefer a harmonizing pot outdoor for a faster growth. The growth of the plant is closely related to the pot size. You can plant it directly to the soil also without using a pot.

Fertilizers: Money plant can use almost any type of common fertilizer. It is ideal to use a nitrate base as it is not a flowering plant. Weak solutions of liquid fertilizer can be used for short-term dosage and pellet form for long-term.

Climbing up: Wooden or plastic pole warp with husk is suitable for climbing the plant up and foster faster growth. Tie the stems as it grows up, till it reaches the top progressively. You can also use coir ropes to wrap around plastic or glass poles which will give enough support for the plant to grow up. Prune your plant: This will give a rapid growth. Trim by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems of the money plant. Try these tips to grow money plant fast and bright.