Staying Healthy requires a lot of efforts and one has to be disciplined in life, but I will confess that I can’t follow strict rules and disciplined life, though this not good and I keep on trying to rectify my wrong habits.

I must confess and I really appeal to all that we must try to have a good and healthy life with our daily routine exercise. But there are some people who are like me or they don’t have enough time, due to their busy schedule or they may be lazy. So for them, the below points are enough to keep you healthy, fit and fine.

Lemon Juice


Lemon Juice is the thing which one should never miss in the morning. The benefits of having lemon juice are numerous. It helps in boosting energy level in the body, it improves your mood, digestion, pH levels, boosts your immune system, cleanses your system & reduces hunger cravings throughout the day.

Lemons are full of nutrients, including vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and fiber. Always try to make sure to use fresh organic lemons!

How to make: Squeeze one lemon in warm water and have in the morning.

Golden Milk


It has been recommended by several schools of native medicine, including Ayurveda that Turmeric milk or Golden drink is very healthy for us. A simple search on internet on ‘turmeric milk’ will tell you about benefits ranging from decongestion to weight loss

Mix a cup of water with a cup of milk, add the crushed turmeric and pepper and bring to a boil.

Simmer for 20 minutes. By this time, the milk will reduce to a cup. This is the reason why I suggest you begin with a mixture of milk and water; else you will end up with a very thick, kheer-like drink that won’t be as soothing.

Remove from the stove, filter, add a spoonful of honey or palm sugar, and enjoy the drink warm.

Good sleep


Good sleep is necessary for your health, people nowadays don’t sleep properly, at least eight hours sleep is necessary for good and healthy life. Have you ever noticed the kid or newborn baby, sleep is enjoyed the most at that stage of life? But as we grow, the sleep patterns changes and we keep on wasting our sleep time on the internet or onto our cell phones, chatting with friends. So sleep on time and sleep enough to have a healthy life.

Home Food


Home food is good and healthy option in life, eating in restaurants and fast food destroys your health. The fat content and salt are too high in processed food, so always make a habit of having a home food. One can also learn some new recipes which are delicious and healthy. If you want to be healthy always have home food, prepare for yourself and for your family too. Avoid overeating and have your dinner, at least 3 hours before sleep.

Body Massage

Going for a massage is an ultimate way of staying healthy, make it a point to have body massage, once in a month. It relaxes your muscles and even your mind.



Cut you’re over sugar intake, by avoiding cold drinks like coke or Pepsi. Avoid those ready made food, which contains high sugar. Always try to have food with natural sweetness, a sugar present in them. artificial sugar is not good for your health f consumed for a long time. One can use jaggery or honey in place of sugar. Jaggery and honey will never harm your body and will keep you aways from many diseases.