Homemade Body scrubs are safest for the skin. Branded body scrubs are becoming a hot item for sale in markets, people are buying body scrubs at any cost to look beautiful and make their skin healthy. But no one thinks an alternative like homemade ones to save our skin from pollution, Due to pollution our skin is getting affected in a very bad manner.


Body scrubs made by companies also have some or large content of chemicals, so in this case, homemade body scrubs are best to use for your skin. Dead skin can’t be cleaned by normal soaps, body scrubs are the best possible alternative to get treated dead skin.

Body scrubs available in the markets also have some or large content of chemicals, so in this case, homemade are best to use for your skin and safe too. It can be made with natural items available in the house or n local market. so point in going for outside readymade products for your body.

Sugar and Chocolate Scrub

Homemade chocolate scrub is very effective treatment for skin, when you apply rules to the school it not only clean it also makes your skin Shine

How to make:  In a medium sized bowl, take 1 cup of sugar, 1/2 cup of cocoa and mix well. In this mixture mix 1/2 cup of canola oil. Apply this scrub on a body and massage it roundly for 10/12 minutes. Let it be for 5/7 minutes and then have a bath.

Coconut Lemon Scrub


Coconut takes care of rough skin in winters and lemon as we all know is also very effective for smooth and shiny skin.

How to make: In a bowl take 1 cup of coconut oil and add 2 tsp of sugar and 1 tsp of lemon, mix well. First, wash your face with clean water and wipe with a soft towel. Apply this mixture (scrub) on your skin and massage it roundly for 10 minutes. After that clean your face with damp cotton. Wash your face after this. Repeat this for some days, one will surely find desired results.

Avocado Scrub


Avocado is very good fro skin, it provides coolness to it, to make avocado scrub you need 1 avocado, ½ cup Olive oil, and Sugar.

How to make: Firstly cut the avocado in two pieces in between straight. Now grind the green part in a grinder. Add some olive oil to it, till it becomes a thick paste of green color. Let this mixture to cool for some time in refrigerator. Then apply this scrub on your skin and massage it.

Orange and Almond 


Almond and oranges are very effective for the fairness of skin.

How to make: To make this scrub, take 15/20 Almonds, 1 medium sized orange peel (Dry powder). Now mix an equal proportion olive oil in it. Apply this mixture on your face and massage it for 10 minutes roundly. Afer this wash with cold water.