Smelly Shoes are like or resemble some dead creature in there? Does that unpleasantly foul scent of your smelly shoes stick on to your feet even after scrubbings and thorough cleaning? Well, then you have a genuine problem of foul feet! Obviously, that is not the right word for it. The actual medical term for it is bromodosis, in fact, it’s a normal issue and when the mercury rises, this bacterial disease just develops further.

Causes Of Horrible Smell

One thing we must know that we have more sweat organs on our body and that bad odor in shoes and socks are not just because of sweat, but the micro-organism that develops causes that fishy smell, the spaces between your toes turn into the perfect place for microscopic organisms and other growths to breed and increase, thus the fishy smell. Following are some reason which is responsible for this.


  • Not washing your feet daily with soap and wiping with clean towel
  • Wearing the same shoes and socks daily
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Living in stress and high work pressure
  • Medical issues like Hyperhidrosis and Athlete’s Foot

Homemade soaks and scrubs

Mentioned below are some very basic home remedies for getting rid of that dirty smell permanently.

Apple cider vinegar

Apply this on your feet after bath followed by thyme oil massage. Apple cider vinegar destroys the bacteria due to its acid and thyme oil prevents the fishy smell due to its antiseptic nature.

Baking soda

Take some warm water in a small tub and add some baking powder in it, soak your smelly feet in, when you come home after a long and tiring day. Baking soda prevents bacterial growth. One can also apply baking soda on feet or sprinkle some in your shoes.

Black tea

Black tea is also very effective in getting rid of smelly feet, dip your feet in a tub of warm water and add some black tea in it for 15 minutes. After that wash your feet with soap and wipe with clean water.

Lemon juice

It’s us well know to all that lemon, a citrus fruit, contains vitamin C and this natural antioxidant is a reliable source of killing bacteria growth on your feet. Appling or massaging lemon juice directly on feet prevents the bacteria on the sweaty area.

Talcum powder

The most common home remedy for the foul smell on feet. Actually, any scented talcum powder not only prevents from perspiration but also gives your feet a pleasant smell. Rub some scented talcum powder on your feet before you wear your shoes.

Epsom salt

Among the most favored home remedies for getting rid of that foul foot smell, it’s very simple and easy task to do. Just soak your smelly feet in a tub of hot  Epsom salt water for 15 minutes, that’s it. This water prevents the growth of bacteria and naturally cures foot odor

Pumice stone

Decomposition of dead skin by the bacteria is the main cause of smelly feet. Pumice stone is the best way to clean the dead skin cells and shed from it. Just rub this stone gently on the ankles, toes and other areas and get soft odor free feet naturally.


Cloves are a natural way to make your feet free from that fishy smell; just sprinkle some clove oil on your shoes or socks and you’re on. You can even use the cloves directly. Cloves prevent bacterial growth.


While these exotic herbs are mostly used in the kitchen, rosemary can be an effective way to eliminate foot odor. Applying rosemary oil to your feet makes them soft and they smell good as well. The antibacterial properties of this herb curb the infections.

Lavender oil

Lavender reduced the bacteria growth from smelly feet, applying this oil gives you a nice pleasant smell, lavender oil has many healing properties which work wonders for infections and cracks.


Alum (Fitkari in Hindi) is an excellent source to shrink the skin pores on your feet and hence reducing the amount of perspiration. It also fights the bacteria which causes a bad smell in your feet. Just soak your feet in a tub f hot water with some alum (Fitkari).


It is a great source of antioxidant, cleans your feet from the toxins and exfoliates the dead skin as well. Just massage your feet with peeled ginger or one can make its paste also.


Appling or sprinkling borax powder mixed with vinegar on your smelly feet is a common home remedy to get rid of that bad smell. One can also sprinkle this in your shoes also. This solution kills bacterias which create a foul smell in the body.