Milk and Jaggery are both very good for our health. A well-known fact about Jaggery is that it is very good for digestion and on other way milk gives us calcium to the body. Drinking milk and jaggery protects our body from many diseases, it’s an ultimate way of making our body strong and fights against diseases.

But have anybody thought of mixing milk and jaggery together and drink it, this recipe of having it is a rare, ancient way of drinking milk. It’s also known as jaggery milk in olden days. Low blood counts and fatigue is easily cured by drinking milk with jaggery.

Benefits of Milk and jaggery

  1. Drinking milk mixed with jaggery cleans blood and avoid the boils to appear on the skin.
  2. Jaggery is very effective for digestion. Drinking this daily helps in providing relief from constipation.
  3. If one is suffering from joint pain then drinking this very effective in curing it.
  4. This magical drink also very useful in getting regular menstrual cycle
    for women’s on time with lesser pain.
  5. Pregnant women are prone to tiredness and weakness, milk mixed with jaggery is very effective for getting relief and it is advised by Ayurveda also.
  6. Drinking this also very good fro the muscles of the body.