Belly fat is the common problem nowadays, it’s a very awkward situation for a person, it makes every clothes tight. To reduce belly one tries all the stunts, like dieting, going to the gym etc. Once the belly fat becomes stubborn fat around your waist it is very difficult to reduce it. Belly fat is very harmful to the body, it an open invitation to many diseases.

It’s not easy to reduce belly fat, it takes a lot of time for desired results. One need to have a lot of patience to get it.

Actually, the fat accumulation around your waist is due to wrong lifestyle and diet. If your diet is proper then one need not have belly fat. One should include certain foods in your regular diet, which will help to reduce your fat.

Also one should avoid overeating. One should include the necessary calories required by your body to reduce fat. Consuming more calories is always harmful. Let’s find out what should be our diet to reduce belly fat fast.

Hot Water


If you are really serious about reducing belly fat then drinking hot water is 100% effective treatment. Having a glass of hot water in the morning empty stomach will clean your stomach, which will give an energy to for the day.

Never have cold or refrigerated water if you are serious about reducing belly fat. Always have a hot water after every meal and normal water throughout a day. The desired results will be seen in short time.



We have heard hat “An apple a day keeps a doctor away”, but an apple is also very helpful in controlling an extra fat on our body.

Always eat 2/3 apples per day. Apple will help to reduce your stomach. Don’t peel the apple while eating, eat it with peel, its peel have ursolic acid, which is very effective in reducing fat.



Eggs are very good for our body, it contains proteins, which is very useful in reducing fat. One who wants to reduce belly fat fast should aways have eggs daily.

Eating eggs daily will reduce an extra calorie n your body. It not only reduce fat but also reduces weight from your body. It’s better to have eggs in your breakfast.

Green Vegetables


Green vegetable is not only best for your health but also it helps in reducing extra fat from your body.

The green vegetable has a less calorie and full of fiber. Green vegetables are full of potassium, magnesium, and minerals, which our requires.



Oatmeal is also very effective in reducing fat and weight of the body. One can have this with vegetables or with the milk. It’s one of the fat burning foods. it contains carbohydrate, minerals, and fiber, which are very easily digestible. Oatmeal also provides a protective shield for blood pressure.


Note: Having ginger tea or lemon in hot water – This will also help in reducing fat.