Back pain is one of the most common problems which people go to the doctor or miss work and a leading cause of disability worldwide. Most of the people have suffered back pain at least once. It can occur at any age. It can range from a minor, continues pain to a sudden, sharp pain that makes it very uncomfortable to move.

Back pain can occur anytime if you fall or try to lift something heavy in an inappropriate position.Home remedies for this are best.



  • Ginger is very effective in back pain, though very few know about this. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory which is very effective for relief of back pain.
  • In a pan, take 5/6 small chunks of ginger, add a half cup of water. Boil this for 15 minutes. let it cool and afterward add 1tsp of honey into it.
  • Drink 1/2 a cup of this mixture 2/3 times a day, this help in relieving back pain

One can also make the paste of ginger and mix with Eucalyptus oil and apply on back where you are experiencing pain.

One can also have herbal tea – mix 1/2 tsp of black pepper, 1/2 tsp of clove powder and some chunks of ginger. boil this to make tea and drink.

Basil Leaves


  • Basil leaves are also very effective in relieving back pain.
  • Take 1 cup of water and 8/10 basil leaves into it. Boil it till the mixture become half.
  • Now let this mixture get cool and then add pinch of salt
  • Drink this mixture and take rest. This mixture helps in relieving muscle pain

Poppy Seed

  • Mix Poppy seeds are best for back pain. Take 100 gm of poppy seeds and candy sugar and crush it.
  • Have this mixture daily with milk. You will never have a back pain.

Herbal oil


  • Having a massage with herbal oil is the best remedy for back pain.
  • For making this mix Eucalyptus oil in herbal oil/almond oil or coconut oil. heat the oil on low flame. take care it should noot get burn.
  • When this oil gets cool, just apply and massage on back, this will surely give you relief from back pain.