Milk and soda mixed together to have a lot of benefits, its secret of healthy life in Summer, Though many are not aware of this rare recipe of milk soda drinking together though, it’s very easy and simple to make. In summers usually, we take hot and spicy foods which can upset our stomach, like constipation. This magical drink of milk soda can help to get rid of constipation.

The combination of milk and soda is full of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes without a heavy or bloated feeling. Milk and soda was a very popular drink for cyclists during the 90s and is still in use today. It is also a good source of sudden and fast energy replenishment.

Milk soda is sweet and sizzled both, One can add Rose or Strawberry syrup to add flavor to it

Things you Need:

1 cup of Milk


1 tbsp of Sugar

Strawberry or Rose Syrup

Crushed Ice

Large bowl

(The proportion of Milk and soda should be: 1 portion of Milk and 2.5 portions of Soda)

Take a clean bowl and mix milk, Sugar, Rose Syrup and ice cubes or crushed ice into it, Stir it for some time till sugar dissolves into it, by the time its dissolves, your milk with rose syrup will be chilled, Now add a soda into it.

As soon as the soda is added, drink immediately without wasting a second…Yes, this is the secret of drink, if delayed soda can spoil the milk and soda loses its fizz quickly.

This drink is very nourishing in Summer, it removes the heat from the body and also helps in constipation.