Cool planting is an idea going viral nowadays, in summer when the mercury rises to its peak and one needs to have some fresh air outdoor, one cannot sit there, due to high temperature. Even inside your house, one must have plants which can help in bring mercury levels down. There are many varieties of plants which require minimum water and release maximum freshness in your place to keep it cool.


Cool planting increases the inflow of oxygen in the environment, one must Plant more trees around, which you will help in blocking the direct penetration of ultraviolet harmful rays of the sun.

So choose your cool plant and beat the heat in this summer, with some easy ideas.

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Plant More Pots Around


Plant more plants, where you are spending most of the time in a day, be it your office, school or your living room. Planting them there will help in reducing the temperature and one will feel the freshness throughout the day. One may decorate corridors and window sill with small pots and in the entrance of the house or office should be decorated with medium size plants.One can even place a pot on their desk for a more fresh energy scene.

Use Clay Pots 


People nowadays usually use plastic pots to grow plants, which is not the correct. Always go for traditional clay pots for growing plants. Plastic pots do not allow plants to grow that greatly. Plants showed in clay pots, feels themselves near to nature and soil allow plants to grow more vibrantly. Clay also helps in maintaining and the environment.

Plants Everywhere

We can use our interiors to decorate with green plants in various sizes, styles, and shapes., The best option for clay pots in these case would go for theme based, matching to walls or furniture. Planting around will keep the atmosphere pleasing and fresh.


One can also place small plants in your bathrooms. Always try to plant small, easy – breezy plants in the bathing room too to keep your body soothing and close to nature and no extra work to water them. The bathroom also needs a feel of green to make it breathable for all.

Kitchen Gardening


One can go for kitchen gardening, some fruits and vegetables can be easily grown in the kitchen, having fresh organic veggies at their place is the best way to enjoy greens. Living close to nature will keep you cool in the kitchen and will kill the virus and bacteria caused due to ultraviolet radiation.