Once in a while we all go out to dine in restaurants and we order our favorite Punjabi food, needless to say, Tandoori Rotis make our food more mouth watering.  Foodies love to eat tandoori roti with some rich gravy or non veg dishes. Tandoori Rotis are easy to make but if you want extra Soft and Crispy then here is the formula to impress your guests.

Traditionally tandoori rotis were in tandoor (clay oven) but now we can have crispy tandoori rotis at home very easily, that too on tawa and gas stove.

Things you need


3 cup of whole wheat flour ( Atta)

1 cup all purpose flour (Maida)

1 tablespoon Oil

1 teaspoon of Salt (As per Taste)

1 tablespoon of Black cumin (Kalunji)

1 tablespoon poopy seeds (Khas-Khas)

Some Ghee/Butter for Spreading

Preparation Method

In a bowl sieve all purpose flour and wheat flour, add one teaspoon of salt, knead the flour with help of water, need the flour in to a semi soft dough and add oil while kneading the dough.


Set aside the dough for 10 minutes to become more soft, make small to medium sized balls from the dough. On a rolling board flatten a dough ball and sprinkle some flour on it. Roll it in to small round, sprinkle some black cumin (Kalunji) on to it.


put it on a Tava/Pan on slow or medium flame, you will see some black brown spots, flip and cook the other side of roti.


Now carefully keep aside the pan and hold the roti by tong and cook it in flame, cook it on both the sides by flipping the sides by tong. when the roti has become nicely brown.


Apply some butter/Ghee on to it and serve with rich gravy dish