Red Roses are always the center of Beauty and Symbol of Love but very few knows that these roses if treated naturally well, can be a great source of Natural Coolant. Though this Rose jam finds its place in Royal menu but its very simple to make.


Things you Need

  • Fresh wild and full grown Red Roses
  • A wide-mouthed glass jar
  • Sugar as per taste

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For healthy rose jam, it’s advisable to select fully grown red roses, they are rich in essential oils, decayed and damaged petals should be avoided.

Firstly remove the petals and wash them with clean water to remove dust and nectar from it. They are then drained and kept in shade for about 15 minutes for all the excess water to evaporate. you may cut petals into the half.

A wide mouth dry glass jar should be taken and add all the rose petals and sugar into it, the mouth of the glass should be covered tight using fine cotton cloth.

The jar should be kept in open sun for 6 to 7 Hours, in the evening take the jar indoor and mash the petals and sugar…Repeat this process for 3 weeks. The heat of the sun and osmotic effect of sugar draws the water out of the rose petals and makes the mixture syrupy. The longer it is kept in the sun, the more moisture gets evaporated.

Now the contents have become dark brown and its ready to be used. Transfer this Royal Rose jam into an airtight container and place it in cool and dry place.

Ayurvedic Benefits of Rose Jam

It’s sweet taste, cooling potency and sweet metabolic effect evidently makes it Pitta-pacifying. Hence it acts well in the reduction of body heat, inflammation, and bleeding. As it is nourishing and strengthening, it is believed to promote health, immunity, and longevity. It has the powerful antioxidant capacity and is rejuvenating. It relieves stress and fatigue. It gives miraculous and quick results in the case of mouth ulcers, as well as ulcers of stomach and intestines.