This desi style Cauliflower grilled sandwich is not only easy to make but also fat free and even yummier! And you have the freedom of making the way you like it. This Sandwich can be prepared in very short time, best suited for working people, children’s party snack,  even for bachelors etc.,


  • Bread Slices – 8
  • Grated Cauliflower (raw)
  • Ginger
  • Coriander leaves

Take a clean bowl and mix all the ingredients. Now quickly add the spices as shown below:-

  • Salt as per taste
  • Chat Masala
  • Kastoori Meethi Powder (Fenugreek Leaves)
  • Red Chilly Powder (Kashmiri)

Mix this well


Now prepare for grill. Preheat the Grill on medium heat, and till then apply butter on the one side of bread slice.


Lay some mixture on the bread slice, and cover with bread Slice. Apply butter on the top of the slice when covered with another bread slice.


While grilling, the aroma of cauliflower  will start floating in the air. Grill it till light golden brown or till slightly crispy. Now your Grill Toast sandwich is ready.


Serve it with hot and spicy tomato sauce or with plain sauce of your choice.