Face pack for Skin Lightening does wonder nowadays in concern with the beauty of any person, If we talk on beauty, the very first thing will come in our mind is about fairness of skin, but not everyone has been god gifted by this. Homemade face pack for Skin Lightening can enhance your Skin. So now no need to worry about dark complexion, with the help of few natural face packs one can enhance colour of the skin and glow of the skin and look fairer. One can also get rid of dark spots and Pimples from the face.

Lets see how can we make our Homemade face pack for Skin Lightening with the things which are readily available in our house itself.


Almond Oil/Almond paste


Almond oil is very good for the face, regular use of this oil on face enhance the beauty and glow of the face. Actually Almond oil increases the blood supply of the veins.

Apply the Almond oil in the night while sleeping on the face and wash your face in the morning with Gram flour ( besan in Hindi)

If you don’t want to apply Almond oil, one can also apply Almond paste – For this, dip 4/5 Almond in water overnight and next day make the paste of it.

Mix this paste in milk cream and apply on your face for 15 minutes and then wash with warm water.

This paste will not even make your skin glow but will also make your skin smoother.


Turmeric Face Pack


Take 2 table spoon of milk in bowl and half spoon of lemon juice, half spoon of Turmeric and half spoon of gram flour ( Chane ka aata in Hindi).

Mix all well and apply on your face. Let it remain for 15 minutes or till it dries up.

After that clean your face with damp soft cotton cloth. This is best face pack for fairness.


Gram flour Face Pack – (Besan)


Gram flour also gives you clear complexion and glow on your face.

For better results mix flour with milk cream and add pinch of Turmeric to it. One can also add curd in to it. Apply this paste for 15 minutes and wash afterwards with warm water.

Orange Peel Face Pack


One can easily get Orange peel powder from the market and if you want one can make this in house also.

Just keep Orange peel in hot sun till it dries up and then put it in a mixer and grind it till it becomes powder. Its powder will not very fine, so dont worry.

Take one spoon of Orange peel powder and mix curd in it, make a thick paste of it.

Leave the eyes area and apply the mask on face and leave this 15 minutes.

After that wash the face with cold water. One can see the difference immediately, face will clear, fairer and glowing

Sandalwood face pack


One can never miss the Sandalwood face pack, this face pack is very useful in enhancing the skin tone of face. Sandalwood gives coolness to your skin and even gives relief to the pimples.

To make this pack, take sandalwood powder, which is also easily available in stores and mix Rose water to it. Apply this pack on your face.

Let it dry and after that wash your face with cold water.

Strawberries and Honey Pack


This pack is also very useful in for skin lightening. The main befit of this pack is that it is best  suited for every type of skin. To enhance the beauty of your face one can use this face pack even daily.

Let make this face pack Quickly.

Firstly take some Strawberries and mash till it become like thick paste. Mix some Fresh milk in to it and add some honey.

Now apply this thick paste on your face and let it be for at least 20 minutes.

After that wash it with cold water.