It is usually seen that normally a person with beautiful face may have Dark Inner Thighs, actually, people take an extra care of their face and forget to take care of inner thighs. Although thighs are not visible normally but one has to feel embarrassing while wearing shorts and this is for both men and women.

Some of the common causes of dark inner thighs include friction due to overweight or excessive sweating between the thighs or overexposure to harmful ultraviolet (UV) sun rays. If you wish to lighten up your thighs to look good in your shorts/skirts, you can do it easily at home. Home remedies are the safest ways to lighten the skin of your inner thighs.

Almond, Honey and Milk Oil


Almonds are very rich in vitamins A, which is very helpful in brightening the skin. Milk and honey are also very beneficial for skin to keep it soft and prevents from roughness.

How to Apply: Firstly mix 1 tsp of honey and 2 tbsp of milk thoroughly, then add 1 tsp of almond oil in it. Apply this mixture on inner thighs for 15 minutes. After that wash with warm water. Do this for 2/3 weeks, your inner thighs will brighten.

Aloe-Vera and Almond Oil


Aloe vera is very good for skin, it smoothens the skin and also softens it. Almond, as usual, are good for skin.

How to Apply: To make this first we should peel aloe vera and take out the gel of it in a cup. Mix some drops of almond oil in it. Now apply this mixture and massage the dark inner thighs area till your skin soaks it fully. 

Cucumber and Sandalwood


Cucumber and sandalwood paste is also very effective in gaining clear complexion of skin. So we can apply this on inner thighs to brighten it.

How to Apply: Firstly grind cucumber in a mixer and make a paste of it, then put some sandalwood powder in it and mix well. Apply this mixture for 15 minutes on inner thighs. After that wash with plain water. You will notice the effect after some days.



Lemon is natural bleaching for the skin.

How to Apply: Mix 1 tsp of lemon juice with 3 tbsp of coconut oil. Apply this mixture on the inner thighs and massage it for 15 minutes. After hat wash with warm water. You will notice the effect after some days.