Moles, are of no use for us, though they are not painful or harmful for our health but they do make our face unattractive.

Most of the moles are in different sizes, some are small and flattened while some are very big and in dark color. Most of the moles are like patches on the skin that form due to the collection of melanocytes.

 In most of the cases, we have seen these moles appear at the age of 20-30. It can be rough or flat surface and make your face unattractive and some time they with hairs on it, which make the issue worse. We try a lot to get rid of it by spending huge money on it but believe me, home remedies are the best and cheapest way to get rid of it. Moles appear due to genetics, hormonal fluctuations, and sun exposure. Some of them fade away as the person catches age but not all.

So today I will discuss some of the best Home remedies to get rid of them.

Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is very well known treatment for the moles from my grandmas. Due to its acid content, it help is scrapping the mole and force it to fall off from the skin in some time.

How to apply: Take a soft cotton ball and dip in it apple cider vinegar and place it on a mole, Get the medical bandage handy and place it on it and leave it for overnight. Repeat this for 10/12 days regularly or until mole falls off.

You can also rub luke warm water with soft cotton ball on the affected area (mole) and scrape with your nail file, very softly and carefully until it turns white. then apply cider vinegar on it until it turns white. Leave it on until it dries naturally. Do this several times a day.

In the initial days, one can find that moles are getting worse but as the time passes, thins will get better and when mole leaves a scar, do apply a coconut oil over it.



Garlic is believed to be a trusted and very effective home remedy for the treatment of moles since ages. garlic is full of enzymes that help break down the clusters of pigment-producing cells. It helps to lighten the dark pigmentation.

How to apply: Crush the garlic and place it n the affected area (Mole) and Get the medical bandage handy and place it on it and leave it for at least 4 hours. Repeat this for a week, the mole will fall naturally.

Note: Do disinfect your skin area with rubbing alcohol or some other disinfectant before applying it daily.  to protect the skin surrounding the mole, apply some petroleum jelly or oil.

Onion Juice


Again, as Apple cider vinegar even onion is very effective treatment for the mole due to its acidic content. It can get rid of moles easily and onion juice will help in even improving skin tone.

How to apply: Get a fresh onion and take a juice out of it, apply it on the mole, leave this for about a 45 minutes and then wash off with clean water. Repeat this procedure for 3/4 times a day for a month.

Banana Peels


Very few people knew the hidden effects of banana peels, which we throw away after eating bananas. actually, banana peels are very rich in enzymes that can be effective in helping moles to dry up. Banana peels will force moles to fall off over the time.

How to apply: Scarpe the inside part of banana peel and keep that directly on the mole. Get the medical bandage handy and place it on it and leave it for overnight. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with results.