Soft and pink lips are what everybody wants. But usually, most of us don’t have this. If you are wondering why your lips seem to be dry, rough and cracked – there are a lot of reasons that can cause these problems. But it does not mean that one can’t have those soft pink lips. A few simple home remedies are all you need to get softer, smoother, and pink lips.


Nowadays we are over exposed to the sun and pollution is the main reason for this, not drinking required water for the day, having too much caffeine, and smoking can lead to dry and cracked lips. So, follow the below mentioned natural home remedies for pink lips.

Saffron Milk

Take 1tbsp of fresh milk and 1tbsp of fresh milk creme add a pinch of original saffron into it. Mix it well and place in the refrigerator to cool. when it cools apply this mixture on your lips with a soft cotton.

Repeat this twice or thrice a day. The difference will be visible in few days.

Almond Rose Paste

In a small bowl, take 1tbsp of milk and add some fresh rose petals in it. Crush all the rose petals till milk turns in pink color. Place this in a  refrigerator to cool. When it gets cool, add 1tbsp of crushed Almond and make a paste of it.

Apply this paste twice a day on your lips and keep it for 15/20 minutes. After that clean with a damp piece of soft cotton.

This will give you a nice shining, soft and pink lips in few days.

Lemon honey juice

Take 1 tsp of honey and mix 1 tsp of lemon juice in a small cup. mix well and apply on your lips, the effect will be seen immediately.


Note: One can also use tomato puree mix with fresh creme