Beauty products and skin care creams are becoming a need of the people. Most of them are depended on these products to look beautiful and impressive and hide those wrinkles. Though no one can delay the aging but one can definitely hide those lines by applying these beauty products. It’s a very easy to apply these products on our skin but ever thought how to remove them and how to take care of your skin after that.


So today we will discuss the habits which should be avoided while using these beauty products.

Avoiding Sunscreen

In scorching sunlight, the temperature which is to the highest degree, exposed to your delicate skin can cause damage. Dark spots, dryness of skin and wrinkles are the main cause of this. It is always advisable to apply sunscreen before getting out in the hot sun. If if you are traveling in your vehicle, never forget to apply sunscreen.

Tugging Your Skin While Applying Make-Up

Usually, we have a habit of tugging at the soft skin around our eyes, to get the color of makeup in that area. Now this not good for that soft skin, you may be at risk of damaging the blood vessels around your eyes.

Going To Sleep With Make-Up

Removing makeup before going to bed at the night may be a difficult task for many but this very important to do it. It’s like giving an invitation for troubles.It can cause bacterial infection.The chemical sticks to your pillow. The chemical composition of these beauty products may cause dullness and pimples on your skin. To avoid this, just take out some time in the night and clean your makeup with coconut oil and wash your face. Then apply some moisturizer.

Washing Your Hair with Hot Water

We all like to have hot water bath but ever thought that hot water can damage your hair. Hot water drains away your hair’s natural oil (serum) and damages the roots and without serum, hair becomes dry, which can lead to hair loss. To avoid this always wash your hair normal water or with cold (Not refrigerated one) water. This will prevent draining natural serum and also damage. Your hair will be shiny and will be healthy.

Bursting Of Pimples

I am against of forcing of bursting pimples or scratching it for temporary face setup. Sometimes girls apply alcohol or spirit to burst the pimples, which is very harmful. It can leave behind a scar or can cause roughness on the area. So never do these stunts.