Swimming is an best exercise. It puts your body muscles in to action. One can enjoy and feel relax after doing it. Swimming can be done at any time, morning or evening. Its an safest exercise where chances of getting hurt is very less and has no side effects. Swimming not only cools your body but makes it attractive too. Its an best weight-loss exercise. For girls swimming is best to make their body attractive.

Swimming is an activity that burns lots of calories, is easy on the joints, supports your weight, builds muscular strength and endurance.

Swimming Makes You Relax


Stress is an main cause of most diseases nowadays, one is so busy in this competitive world that most of us ruining our basic healthy lifestyle, due to which we are in stress. We may take many therapies to reduce stress but swimming is the best for this. Swimming not only reduces stress but its also very good for heart. If you feeling in stress during your job, just go out for swim and see the magic.

Swimming Boost your Stamina


Swimming boost your energy level in body which in turns increases your body stamina. While you swim in water, one have to travel from one end to another in water by floating, which is very good for your stamina.  In fact its best cardio vascular exercise.

Helps in weight loss


Obesity is main issue in this world, due to UN-healthy lifestyle and eating packed food sitting around TV. Most of us try number of thing for obesity, some to people fact, go for diet, gym or even on liquid diet. But over the period of some time they discontinue it, but swimming is very effective in reducing weight, one can go for it any time – Morning or Evening.

Daily swimming not only reduces extra pounds from your body but also tone up your body. You’ll burn the most calories doing the butterfly stroke or a fast crawl.

Even if swimming doesn’t help you lose weight, it can help reduce body fat and waist size, while toning all major muscles (arms, shoulders, hips, legs). Swimming is also a excellent way to boost stamina for runners and cyclists to cross-train, since it uses different muscles.

Best for heart and Lungs.


Several studies have found that daily swimming helps in blood flow and controls cholesterol. Heart and lungs are strengthen and healthy.

While you are swimming, your muscles of arms, legs and core are requiring more oxygen, which makes your heart pump faster. As a result, your heart will become stronger and able to pump more blood with each contraction. Your lungs, at the same time, transform to absorb more oxygen and the muscles in your ribs that control your breathing become stronger, too.